Investing in Buffalo’s future.

Say Yes is a game-changing organization that brings together public schools, parents, teachers and lawmakers to make education better for our children in Buffalo. The organization promises to send every student who graduates from a Buffalo public school to college for free. Say Yes engaged Block Club to help spread awareness of this innovative initiative in every corner of the community, and to develop a high-value donor strategy and campaign. The “Bright Spots” campaign features students, parents, teachers and community leaders speaking to the organization’s mission and vision—students pontificate their dream schools and jobs, and adults explain the impact on Buffalo families and the city’s future. The campaign was multi-faceted and far-reaching, and sought to reach many audiences in a variety of venues. A comprehensive media buy included print ads in popular regional and neighborhood publications and media, and billboards and transit ads throughout the city to engage a multitude of communities. The campaign garnered a lot of positive attention, made a huge splash in local media, and helped the organization shore up tens of millions of dollars to deliver on its promise.