The fight for human rights.

Seattle-based public relations firm Waggener Edstrom Communications chose Block Club to collaborate on a groundbreaking initiative to influence dialogue about a dire human rights problem. The United Nations Foundation’s SRHR (sexual and reproductive health and rights) campaign needed a new way of telling the story to a global audience of diverse political and cultural sensibilities. Block Club worked closely with Waggener Edstrom to develop messaging and a narrative that appealed to NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and to help inform policy makers and influencers. “The Ripple Effect” is an infographic that incorporates statistics and language accessible to the United Nations’ diverse constituency. The infographic’s language is decidedly generic in places, to speak to the widest possible audience. The infographic was translated into an animated video that was disseminated through social media channels and shared with United Nations Ambassadors, Finance Ministers and in United Nations sessions. This project brings new light to a vitally important cause regarding an issue affecting countless citizens and economies all across the world.




Public Service: “Ripple Effect” infographic