When Yeezus Speaks, We Listen

Rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, entrepreneur and your creative director, Kanye West, Tweeted out some wise words this week. To anyone in a creative field, I would heed his advice. For the full thread go here, but here are some of my favorites:

It’s hard to avoid the present time in our design work, but if you have a vision that breaks the current style, you are setting the standard, you are setting the trend.

That one font, Hobo STD, you really love it right? You think that it’s the one, and it’s going to make the packaging really stand out on the shelf, but you worry what your colleagues will say? Choose love. Always.

Back up your work with research and reasoning. Fear can cause doubt. Doubt can lead to poor design. Poor design can lead to no work.

Blank slate, start over, kill your darlings. Who cares if the filename says v12 at the end? Sometimes you need a fresh start or new eyes on a project. Ask questions and be open to new and different possibilities.

Delete Facebook. (New Year’s resolution. I’ll get to it, I promise.)

I’ve got nothing to add to that.

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