7 Illustrators / Designers to Follow on Instagram

In 2017, Instagram is less about sharing photos of you and your friends and more about curating an incoming feed of all the types of visual content you want to see. Obviously there are countless amazing artists and designers of all stripes and all disciplines sharing their work via social media, so I tried here to select just a few of my most favorite accounts run by artists, designers, studios and collectives in the world of illustration. Generally, the output of these artists is just the type of bright, colorful illustration work that makes graphic designers like me, who think in terms of vector lines and pattern fills, most inspired and happy to see in our feeds while waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store or while eating a solo lunch.

Click through to the links below and, if you like what you see, follow them to make your own Instagram feed a more colorful, beautiful place.

1. Robin Eisenberg

2. Malika Favre

3. Studio MUTI

4. DKNG Studios

5. Camille Walala

6. Supermundane

7. Annu Kilpeläinen