Upstate NY Map

Where Is Upstate NY?

Atlas Obscura recently published a great piece about a study exploring how we identify with where we live. The piece digs in to where one colloquial region begins and another ends. The study is based on algorithms that explore commutes as an indicator of regions’ interdependency and self-identity. The study’s data-driven commuter map appears above.

In Block Club’s home region, you can clearly see our relationship and identification with central New York and northern Pennsylvania. That sounds about right, doesn’t it? Leaving for Syracuse in the morning and returning at night sounds harrowing but not impossible. Once you get to Utica or Pittsburgh? Forget about it, you’re going to need a place to stay. You’re on foreign soil.

After interpreting the data and adding some human perspective, the researchers determined that America loosely breaks down into the following regions of self-identification:

While this map isn’t particularly scientific, it feels about right. Cities become states and states become regions, at least in terms of how we feel about them. These are our homes.

Poor Montana.