Block Club Thanksgiving

What we’re thankful for (at work)

The big day has arrived! Our annual holiday of giving thanks—for pumpkins and pies, turkeys and Tofurkeys, stuffing and stomach aches. And the big things that make it all possible—our family, friends, fortunes and freedom!

But let’s face it, there are things, big and small, that deserve our gratitude on a daily basis. We asked our team of designers, strategists, writers and entrepreneurs to share what they’re most thankful for every day while they’re at work.

  • “My super comfortable desk chair. Thank you Block Club for looking out for my back and butt.”
  • “Marketing directors. You make our jobs so much easier.”
  • “Brand managers. You make it look easy. You can schedule my life, please.”
  • “The Comma Queen.”
  • “Podcasts. You entertain, educate and enrich my life.”
  • “Marketing budgets.”
  • “Coffee. I don’t think I need a reason. You all know why.”

  • “Orbit® Wintermint chewing gum.”
  • “Ryan’s tireless pursuit of the perfect proposal.”
  • Ben’s return to our timezone!”
  • “This Slack Gif of the Year award winner.”

  • “A/V systems that work properly on the first try.”
  • “Google docs.”
  • “Calendar reminders.”
  • “Mac notes’ checklist feature”
  • Trello
  • This gif of Judge Judy.”
  • “Laptops. Because sometimes we need to work from somewhere else, in the dark preferably.”
  • “Custom keyboard shortcuts.”

  • “Command + Z. Whoever invented this should never have to pay taxes ever again.”
  • “The ‘Do Not Disturb’ function for notifications.”
  • “iPhones.”
  • Doodle.”
  • Uberconference.”
  • “Siri, Slack and Basecamp. Without them, I don’t know how I’d get anything done.”
  • “The noise-cancelling speakers in our office.”

  • “Multi-colored Highlighters.”
  • “Red pens.”
  • “My trusty thesaurus.”
  • “Working with a team of ultra-talented individuals.”
  • “Our team. We’re friends, we’re family; each of us brings his/her incredible talents to the table every day.”
  • “Our clients, who trust us and collaborate with us to make incredible work.”
  • “A beautiful new office and its abundance of natural light. We’ve got quiet rooms, standing-height desks, and several spaces to move around and work from (including a nap room!).”

  • “Our office greeter, Miles. He’s a special needs Labradoodle who we recently discovered is afraid of wind. He keeps me laughing throughout the day.”
  • “The tons of new lunch options that have popped up around our office in the last year (keep ‘em coming!).”
  • “Spotify’s personalized Discover Weekly playlists”
  • “Adobe Typekit”
  • “The clients who hire us to do work that helps to make our community and our world a better place”
  • “Did I say coffee?”

That’s just for starters. We’ll update as necessary.

From everyone at Block Club, we hope you have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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