3 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Did you know that the average person spends 135 minutes each day on social media?

And ads are dispersed every four to five posts on social channels. Try scrolling through your feed for one minute and count how many ads you see. I tried this and saw eight in one minute. By that rule, your audience sees about 1,000 ads on social media over the course of 135 minutes each day!

You’re probably thinking, how can I compete? Here are three tips to that might just help:

Try something new. It will surprise you.

Sticking to one look on social media can be a detriment to your overall social communications plan. No one wants to see a different photo angle from the same shoot over and over again. To make your content spread further, develop three to five pillars of content and come up with a different way to execute on each of those pillars. A few quick executions to try:

  • Lead with an interesting fact. It got you to read this article, am I right?
  • Use text overlay on a picture to create short looping video.
  • Snap a few consecutive photos to create a quick stop-motion video.
  • Ask your agency to develop illustrated animations for upcoming events and holidays.

We’re all different. Tailor your communications.

To utilize social to its fullest, you have to boost your content. Gone are the days that a simple post will reach your wide audience; it’s now pay-to-play. If you’re trying to connect with populations in specific areas, create a dark post, develop a tailored message, and identify the interests of your target audience to reach that niche population.

Communicate consistently to create a flock.

By communicating consistently, you start to develop a group of brand followers that you can count on to engage with your content. This is very important because the more organic engagement your content generates, the better it will perform boosted, because the platform will recognize it as relevant and interesting. Also, when content is liked, shared, or commented on, that activity will appear in engaged parties’ followers’ feeds. It’s an endless and positive black hole of brand exposure!

Ready for better? We can help.