How Our Alignment-Based Approach Yields Better Results for Your Brand

Block Club prides itself on being an extension of your brand. But just how are we able to achieve this? What makes us different from other branding and strategy agencies? How are we able to produce results that continually surpass our clients’ expectations? 

Well, for starters, there are two key terms that characterize our process: holistic and high-touch. We plug into your existing brand or the idea of the brand you’re trying to create and then express that unique identity through the strategy, content, and visuals we produce. 

This hands-on approach serves to help you attract the right customers and keep them consistently engaged. It also helps us ensure your satisfaction. Before starting work on any project, we make sure we’ve interpreted your vision correctly by adhering to a series of practices designed to rally our teams around a shared understanding. The end result is a synthesis of your team’s vision and our team’s expertise.  

Here’s how we get there.

Discovery Sessions

No matter the client or industry, every project at Block Club begins with a discovery session. 

These sessions serve as the catalyst in our relationships with clients, helping us gather the necessary information to understand the business and needs we’re servicing. Some of the questions we look to answer in a discovery session are: 

  • Who are your existing customers, and who are your aspirational customers?
  • What are some misconceptions about your brand that may cause friction in the sales process? 
  • What is your vision for growth in the next year, three years, five years, ten years? 

Questions like these help us gain an understanding of what’s at the core of your brand and inform all manner of projects. Whether we’re supporting a client by building out a new brand identity or creating sales-enablement materials, the information yielded by discovery sessions allows us to craft a strategy tailored to your exact needs. We can then go about designing brand materials that send a clear message, combat misconceptions, and ultimately help your brand achieve its vision for the future.

Alignment and Building a Foundation for the Future

At Block Club, we know from experience that the sooner everyone on a project gets on the same page, the better. With this in mind, we put a tremendous effort into an alignment process that brings our team closer to our client’s team—and closer to the end goal. 

We might sit in on meetings or meet one-on-one or in small group sessions with key stakeholders to build an understanding of your brand’s foundation. And in cases where a brand foundation isn’t clearly established, we help you build one.

This approach allows us to keep all parties hyper-aligned. 

Furthermore, in those scenarios where we’re creating (or refreshing) a brand’s foundation, we’re helping to establish a guide that informs not only the work we are scoped to produce for you but how your brand grows moving forward. 

Transparent Communication and Ongoing Alignment

Aligning all parties at the onset of a project is a necessary step. Keeping them aligned throughout is just as important. 

That’s why Block Club keeps you involved at all points of the creative process. Open lines of communication between client and agency encourage a constant flow of feedback. It also ensures that we are continually up to date on your expectations as we move through project stages. 

For long-term projects and retainer relationships, we hold regular realignment sessions. We understand that culture and business drivers can change quickly, and this approach allows us to make sure the work we produce continues to represent your brand in the best way possible. 

More Than an Agency, an Extension

At Block Club, we use the term agency loosely. We really see ourselves as an extension of your team. That means, regardless of the size of your business, you can expect a relationship that is high-touch and transparent. 

Many of our clients feel comfortable exchanging ideas with us in true partnership and counting on our expertise to drive their business forward. That’s because our approach goes beyond simple content creation or project-based outcomes. 

We’re here to understand every aspect of your business, approaching your brand with a more holistic view to make sure we serve the entirety of your organization’s goals.

Ready for better? We can help.