Colorways: Orange You Glad It’s Summer?

Although our office is bright and sunny, summertime is best spent outdoors soaking up some rays and cooling down with an icy cold popsicle or refreshing beverage. Inspired by the vibrant colors of the season, the Block Club team is sharing our favorite Pantone shades of orange.

“I’m going with Pantone 021 U, or “Fanta Orange”. My favorite food is falafel and there’s never been a better companion to falafel than a crisp, cool bottle of orange Fanta.” – Dave, director of business development

“I pick Pantone 2008 CP, the color of the elusive perfectly ripe mango.” – Julie, designer

“Orange is my least favorite color in the ROY G. BIV family, but I do enjoy Pantone 150 U. It’s a slightly muted and creamy shade of orange that isn’t as offensive to my eyeballs as most others.” – Pat, brand manager

Pantone 143CP is more yellow than orange, but it most closely resembles the color of one of my favorite condiments, Weber’s Mustard. All I need now is a bag of pretzel rods” – Steve, brand manager

“My favorite shade of orange is what Pantone refers to as “Bright Red U,” which is a fitting name for my reference: whenever a quirky lady has lipstick on her teeth, it’s always this reddish-pinkish-orange color. I don’t know if they all belong to the same lipstick club, or coordinate their looks for luncheon dates, but it’s always the same color, always messily applied, and always on their front upper teeth. Wear it proud, lady; you do Bright Red U.” – Ben, content strategist

“I’m with Ben. Call me a quirky lady who luncheons, but I love the punchy red-orange of Pantone Bright Red U; and it’s very close to the Pantone we selected for the packaging of a new product line coming soon from one of our favorite distilleries.” – Brandon, creative director

“When you’re the last to dig into the box of popsicles I bet you pull out something resembling this color PMS 1585 C. It’s the artificial color least likely to be eaten, but I’d be happy to oblige.” – Tim, designer

“This sliver of the spectrum is my favorite since oranges and yellows have so much energy and can make a strong positive effect on my mood. In every apartment I’ve ever lived in, I would always paint my bedroom walls a shade of warm saturated yellow pretty close to Pantone 1225 C, (that is, until I moved in with my girlfriend and she absolutely forbade it). For me, waking up in a room that color always made me feel happy and energized in the mornings, and was especially good at combating the winter blues here in Buffalo. Primary yellow can be very harsh and intense, yet just a few clicks towards orange and you get a warm golden color that I find very soothing and natural.” – Ryan, designer

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