Colorways: Our Favorite Shades of Gray

April can be a depressing month outside, as we curse gray skies in hopes of sunnier spring days. But gray can be a beautiful color, too, so to kick off a new blog series the team is sharing their favorite shade of gray from Pantone for some neutral inspiration.

Warm Gray 7 is incredibly close to a shade of paint I used in one of my previous apartments. It was a shape-shifting gray that seemed to change from purple to brown to gray as the sun moved throughout the day. It’s cozy and calming, and I will definitely use it in my next home.” – Pat, brand manager

Cool Gray 8 is the color of my cat, Aggy, recently renamed Gray Phillip. It is also the color of my room if it is very late afternoon and a thunderstorm rolls through.” – Julie, designer

“I really enjoy Cool Gray 8, too—nice and stormy, but with a slight, green hope of spring.” – Margaret, brand strategist

“My pick would be Cool Gray 1 because it’s probably the lightest tint of gray in the bunch and I’m always amazed by how effective even the lightest weakest gray can be, especially with web and interface design (not that you would use PMS colors for web design but that’s outside of the point). When I see a subtle gray used in good interface design, it always surprises me just how to close to white it actually is, yet the eye really responds strongly to it in an almost subconscious way.” – Ryan, designer

“This Folkestone Gray (18-3910 TXC) makes me smile. My favorite grays remind me of natural blues, found in stones and near the water. Slate shades take me to the beach, where I am always happy.” – Ben, content strategist

Cool Gray 6 is my favorite. Gray is my favorite color in general, and this color reminds me of my favorite pair of Nike sneakers that I owned back in the day.” – Steve, brand manager

Cool Gray 11 is about as dark as Pantone grays go and it’s very close to the gray we’re using in our wedding stationery.” – Brandon, creative director

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