Twitter Bot Sends Out Color Inspiration

I really, genuinely love winter (and I don’t ski, or snowboard, or ice skate or even leave my house regularly), but we are quickly approaching Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. It’s the time of the season where many of us wake up before the sun comes up and leave work after the sun has gone down. Hello darkness, my old friend, indeed.

Well, if you need a little color in your days, follow @colorschemez on Twitter, a bot that posts randomly generated three-color palettes. Don’t expect a color theory lesson: the actual palettes run a wide gamut from aesthetically pleasant to “is there acid in my eyes”.

The real charm is in the (also randomly generated) color names. Today I am feeling somewhere between “spaceless straw”, “untunable butter” and “overoptimistic bluey purple”, how about you?