Tim’s Dream Podcast

I’ve often listened to a podcast and thought, “Yeah, I can do that. I’ll start a podcast and talk about stuff.“ It seems easy enough, right? Probably not, but if you magically had a podcast fall in your lap and your first five guests could be anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would they be? What would you ask them? And what would you call your podcast? Here are two ideas of mine:

PODCAST 1: Design First, Questions Later

In this concept, I would invite all kinds of design heroes from the past, present and future, and pick their brains. I’d ask big questions and try to solve the worlds’ problems through design, espousing some teachable moments along the way.

Guest 1: Paula Scher

Good design: by people, for the people. It should solve a problem and become something that is aesthetically pleasing, holds a useful function or becomes an invisible part of our daily lives. In politics, design is translated into marketing, branding and developing strategies for a political candidate. Do you see a place for design in government as some form of actual entity? Where, for example, just as much thoughtful consideration is made into developing a more efficient and greener municipal waste strategy as there is in trying to get a candidate into the White House?

Guest 2: Stefan Sagmeister

You’ve never been afraid to share yourself personally in your own work and have been successful in creating an environment where this kind of participation is encouraged and welcomed. As creative agencies are becoming increasingly more front-facing, they elevate their own brand while elevating their client’s. Do you see a day when consumers will consider brands’ creative partners as important as the brand, product or service they provide? Or will creative agencies always remain secondary to the consumer-brand-agency relationship?

Guest 3: Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec

Are designers artists? Can artists be designers? Can a graphic designer be just as expressive as an artist while fulfilling the client’s needs, and be sought-after like an artist?

Guest 4: April Greiman

As one of the first, if not the first, to be an early adapter of technology in visual design, what do you foresee as the next tool, technology or process to be universally adopted in the future?

Guest 5: Paul Rand 

Today we are seeing many big brands move away from serifs or unique type within their logotype in favor of cleaner san-serif typefaces. As a designer, should we be concerned with the homogeny this creates or welcome it as a global, utopian design standard?

PODCAST 2: Convos in Character
In this concept, I’d invite my favorite actors to come on and be interviewed in character from one of their favorite film or TV roles.

Guest 1: Patrick Swayze (Jed, “Red Dawn”)

Do you believe a group of high-schoolers could lead the resistance if Russia were to invade the United States, or have we become too soft and complacent in our culture?

Guest 2: Keanu Reeves, (Theodore “Ted” Logan, “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”)

Your thoughts on being “excellent to each other” as a foreign policy?

Guest 3: Bruce Willis (John McClane, “Die Hard” movies)

After cleaning up the mess of so many terrorists without much help from other law enforcement entities do you feel like they owe you in some way, some form of compensation? If so, what would that be?