Facebook Community Boost: Business Manager

A few weeks ago, Facebook Community Boost came to town alongside Ignite Buffalo, a business grant and mentorship competition sponsored by Facebook and 43North. (Shoutout to Oxford Pennant for taking home the victory!) Facebook Community Boost is an in-person training program that travels to cities around the country to help individuals grow their business or career utilizing Facebook and Instagram. There were multiple classes offered for free to the public that taught the ins-and-outs of both platforms and how to leverage each to increase overall business presence in the digital space.

It’s rare when opportunities like this come to Buffalo, and since I’m on Facebook and Instagram daily for my career, I decided to check it out. I wound up taking the refresher course “Taking Facebook Ads to The Next Level” taught by Chris Curtis of the small business team at Facebook.

The course was a how-to on Business Manager, the tool that markerters and content strategists use to create advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. If you’ve never used Business Manager, take a gander and familiarize yourself a bit. It’s a great resource for small business owners and digital marketers to create ads and specifically target each one to make sure your product or service is in front of the right people.

The course started by asking three questions that are important to any marketing plan.

  • What are your goals?
  • How are you finding your audience?
  • How are you measuring success?

Answering these questions will help you figure out who you’re looking to reach and will help lay the groundwork for developing your audiences. Since most success on social media derives from a targeted message to a target audience, it’s important to create a hyper-relevant but engaging message to reach your fans.

Business Manager is essentially set up as a marketing funnel. It allows you to choose your objective, who you’re talking to, what your fans are going to see, and measure how they respond to it. It allows you to drive traffic to a specific website, grow your brand awareness by gaining likes and engagement, create lead forms for fans to fill out, gain additional video views, etc.

Once you’ve decided what your objective is, you can specifically target your audience by age, gender, where they live, relationship status, and an array of other demographics, behaviors, and attributes. Not only can you target the usual identifiers, you can dig even further and target exactly what a person is interested in. The permutations are practically infinite.

Keep in mind that it’s important that you really think about who you want to see your advertisement. Even though the options may be endless, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to target a person that is interested in everything. Think about who your ideal customers are. What do they like? What don’t they like? How old are they? Where do they live? Are they single or married? Being able to answer questions like this will help you find the person you’re really trying to target.

Only after you’ve set these identifiers can you create the actual advertisement. This is where you will create the image, copy and call-to-action. Once complete, simply publish your ad and watch the results roll in!

There are a TON of different ads that can be created, and this blog post could go on forever if I tried explaining all of them. If you really want to dive in and learn Business Manager on your own, use Facebook Blueprint. Each course takes about 15-minutes and provides you with everything you need to know about Facebook for business.