Jewish Mothers Know Best

Jewish Mothers Know Best

I have a Jewish mother. She’s not from Lawn Guyland, and she’s not a nag, but she’s hilarious and very concerned about my general warmth. (She never wonders if I’ve had enough to eat, though; “You’re always hungry” is a favorite sentence.)

Between dinner visits, laundry in hand, I’ll get an email or text: “Call your mother.” Once I got an email that she forgot what I looked like. Fair enough. In the meantime, here’s a couple videos featuring Jewish moms that you’ll just love.

I love Schlep, the latest on-demand cab alternative:

I also love Weather From the only weather forecaster I trust.

I also super-duper love The Phone Call, an early web video from Bob’s Burger’s John Roberts. She’s not Jewish, but who cares, so what.

Happy Jewish Mother’s Day Which I Totally Just Made Up So Don’t Google It!