Knowledge + Innovation = Shortcuts

We learn something new every day—hopefully. Over time, little nuggets of information are collected, stored away and compartmentalized in our brains. Years of experience in any particular field of work should yield a wealth of knowledge.

Small pieces of knowledge can help us solve big problems. For example, I continually rely on keyboard shortcuts to help me get through a process. Add up every split second, and your work becomes more efficient. With each new project, I acquire more of them to add to my mental library.

Keyboard shortcuts rule. They save so much time and make you look like a wizard, the most productive version of yourself. These shortcuts allow you to design quicker and develop a series of ideas in a smaller amount of time than any mouse clicker can. I know this might seem silly but when I see a designer scrolling through menu panes and clicking around with their mouse in a program when I know all it takes is a couple of taps on the keyboard, I want to flip the desk. I don’t have time to be watching you looking for the Blend Options menu!

Every designer should either learn some basic keyboard shortcuts or build your own custom keyboard shortcut commands menu and become the designer rockstar you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

Whether it’s in an Adobe Creative Suite app, Microsoft Office or just bopping around your computer system, learning and creating keyboard shortcuts will make your life so much easier. Here are some helpful hints for the Adobe Creative Suite, sure to help you on your way. The time you save can be spent doing other things like making pizza.