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Uncovering Ignasi Monreal

Lately, I’ve been interested in fine art-as-branding, and I don’t think anyone is doing it better than Gucci.

The 97-year-old Italian fashion house has partnered with Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal to translate creative director Alessandro Michele’s new brand vision—a surreal postmodern collage of referential illustration, vintage patterns and bold colors—into a stunning paintings reminiscent of both modern and classical art.

The paintings themselves are extremely impressive, but, like any good art, look a little bit closer and you can recognize something familiar. In this case, it is the iconic branding elements of Gucci, the red and green stripe, the bee or a king snake.

The result is so imaginative, the illustrations really elevate the products from an ordinary pair of shoes or a patterned shift dress, into museum-quality object d’arts. Monreal has definitely captured my attention.