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Argyle is placing employment data back in the hands of workers, providing an easier, faster, better and smarter way for innovative companies to put employment data to use.


Argyle, an API-powered platform that provides financial institutions with streaming, consumer-permissioned access to the granular income data locked up in payroll systems, had a brand communications challenge. With multiple use cases across a range of verticals, talking about Argyle proved to be complex. The VC-backed fintech needed a partner to help focus its brand and messaging and articulate the more practical aspects of its value proposition without losing sight of its vision.

At the same time, Argyle’s emerging marketing team needed help accelerating content production. An updated website, blog posts, case studies, and social media assets were needed to tell the Argyle story, establish the brand’s authority, connect with customers, and generally out-pace the competition—all at a clip the company’s rapid growth required.


As brand awareness around the company’s offerings and its competitive landscape has evolved, Argyle needed an updated messaging platform for use across its website and other marketing materials, and ongoing support accelerating its content strategy and production efforts to match the company’s rapid growth.


Since 2020, we’ve worked closely with Argyle leadership to build out the brand’s voice and personality, fine-tune its messaging platform, and iterate on both as the company’s product, positioning, and sales objectives evolve—work that will soon culminate in the launch of new, improved, and meticulously crafted website messaging journey.

Simultaneously, we’ve served as collaborators to Argyle’s marketing team, advising on content strategy and creating dozens of pieces of branded content for every stage of the buyer’s journey. Our work helps generate and nurture leads, and provides Argyle’s sales team with the supportive materials it needs to close deals and grow fast. 

As with all our partnerships, our close, consultative relationship has given us a fluency in Argyle—both as a product and a brand—resulting in more exact, efficient, and authentic work for the game-changing company.

Light bulb moments feel awesome when you get them, but they don’t happen often enough. Bringing on Block Club to be an extension of our marketing and communications function at Argyle has been transformative, not just because they have increased the velocity of light bulb moments, but because they work with clarity in a communications strategy that is super well thought out and regularly developed with us.”

Shmulik Fishman, Founder & CEO, Argyle