Accelerating content output on the eve of a $100M Series C

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When fintechs reach rapid-growth, content marketing needs escalate—and quickly outpace internal bandwidth. That was the case with Codat—the universal API for business data—when it turned to Block Club for content strategy and advanced content production services.


Codat has never been a stranger to quality content. Before working with Block Club, the company regularly produced insightful thought leadership to help establish its brand and communicate its value proposition.

But the company grew fast, and the need for content to actively support marketing and sales efforts was more than its small team could reasonably keep up with amidst many competing priorities. With its $100 million Series C in sight, the rising startup needed a partner that could work in lockstep with its team to strategize and execute sophisticated content reflective of its status and in service of its objectives.

A big benefit to working with Block Club is just how much they understand our space. We’re an API-first, developer-first business. It’s critical we educate our customers on how we can help them, which can be complex. Block Club understood our space, and onboarded really quickly to give us the scale that we needed.

Josh Jones, Chief of Staff, Codat


To support Codat’s efforts to rapidly scale its content output and infuse its content marketing efforts with additional strategic perspective, Codat entered into a retainer agreement with Block Club.

Through weekly status and monthly strategy meetings, we worked closely with the Codat team to understand the fintech’s evolving objectives, suss out priorities, and identify where to plug in Block Club for maximum impact.

Our first order of business? A comprehensive inbound marketing strategy to support Codat’s lead-gen goals, inclusive of agnostic and segmented email drip campaigns for target use cases. Each email workflow identified strategic messaging progression, cadence and frequency recommendations, and skip, trigger, and qualification logic. Now, the drip campaigns are in production, with writing support from Block Club.

In tandem with leading the strategy on inbound efforts, Block Club assisted with Codat’s Salesforce-to-HubSpot migration and training. Our design team also created conversion-optimized HubSpot landing page templates that the Codat team uses to capture leads.

After inbound planning, we shifted focus to support sales enablement after an internal survey showed that 91% of the Codat sales team would benefit from additional effective case studies. Our services included a strategic case study audit, reformatting existing case studies to make them more data forward and a stronger selling opportunity, and new case studies production with corresponding Pitch slides.

Simultaneously, we worked with Codat to fine tune its brand messaging for clarity, authenticity, and competitive advantage.


Most importantly, Codat has been able to accelerate its content output. Over the course of our partnership, our achievements together have mounted:
  • Ongoing thought leadership production, including long-form blog posts and proprietary whitepapers
  • Case study audit and reformatting recommendations
  • Case study production
  • Case study-based Pitch slides to support sales enablement
  • Email drip campaign copy
  • Audience definition guidance
  • Brand strategy workshop guidance
  • Pardot-to-HubSpot migration process analysis, strategy mapping, and execution
  • Improved lead information tracking and capture strategy
  • SEO audit and pillar page recommendations
  • Landing page and whitepaper design
With Block Club, Codat has the bandwidth and fresh strategic perspective to make its content work smarter and amplify impact on key business objectives—all while supporting the company’s hard-earned position as a true fintech leader.