Highmark Health

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Our Role

Information Design

Whether they’re looking for sharp design work, crisp copywriting, or ambitious brand strategy, innovators like Highmark Health choose Block Club as their go-to partner for exceptional brand building. For Highmark, that meant strengthening their employees’ understanding of the patient experience in a visually engaging way.


Highmark Health is a national blended health organization committed to cultivating a customer-centric culture backed by human-centered design and empirical research. The driving force behind this effort is the organization’s customer experience (CX) team.

The CX team is responsible for helping Highmark’s staff and partnering network of hospitals, physicians, and clinics better understand the people they serve. The team relies on years of experience and countless studies to design tools that help employees and partners deliver customer-focused results. But with such a vast amount of information forming the basis of their work, creating actionable and easily navigable tools proved challenging. 


For help redesigning its CX tool kit, Highmark turned to Block Club.

Working hand in hand with the CX team, we audited the tool kit to identify opportunities to improve usability and updated the look and language of all components to be more intuitive and practical while ensuring our final design remained faithful to the team’s overall vision. 

To accompany the revamped tool kit, Block Club also produced a series of video tutorials using the CX tools as a foundation. This included writing scripts and creating storyboards to bring each video to life while articulating the CX team’s mission, the objectives of the team’s research, and how to use each tool to its fullest. Four out of the seven videos were fully animated, with the remaining three utilizing a hybrid live-action/animation style and necessitating the coordination of a live video shoot.


Highmark’s employees can now navigate different journey maps that help them understand the experiences of the customers and clinicians they serve, create customer personas that help them empathize with the perspectives of others, and review health archetypes research that illuminates customers’ needs and motivations.