The Little Club

Lighthearted branding for a seriously good wine bar

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Brand Identity

Refined taste meets new adventures.

When Tommy and Mary Lombardo of Ristorante Lombardo prepared to open The Little Club in Buffalo, their passion for wine and desire to share their knowledge served as pillars of their mission. As the first space in Western New York dedicated to lesser-known varietals from small, natural winemakers, the bar sought to appeal to aspiring enthusiasts and connoisseurs. To build a brand identity that fit their vision, the Lombardos turned to Block Club. Traditionally, the wine-curious have perceived wine culture as inaccessible. Block Club set to work on breaking down the barriers that could alienate novice customers by developing a compelling identity that would convey a fun, inviting atmosphere. We created a logo and identity system, menus, business cards, postcards, gift cards, signage, and a website that incorporate holographic foils, a pastel color palette, and playful continuous line illustrations. The wordmark features a hand touch that strikes a casual tone, while the upward diagonal conveys energy and movement. Lighthearted language livens the menu, encouraging patrons to be adventurous and engage with service for recommendations. It all comes together to form a fun, unpretentious, and welcoming identity. Now aspiring and seasoned aficionados can embrace wine culture—and bring their friends along, too.