Zero Hash

Reimagining a tech leader’s brand identity

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Brand Identity
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When rapidly scaling companies want to breathe new life into their brand, they turn to Block Club. Zero Hash needed a brand refresh that could synthesize the company’s position as a market leader in the crypto/NFT space with its drive to innovate and scale. Block Club answered the call, taking the digital assets-as-a-service company’s core values and crafting an updated visual identity to match its market position.


Zero Hash is an embedded infrastructure platform that offers turnkey solutions for companies looking to natively integrate digital assets like cryptocurrency into their own products and services. A leader in the emerging digital-assets-as-a-service space, Zero Hash enables neobanks, broker-dealers, payment groups, and non-financial consumer brands to offer digital asset trading, crypto roundups, crypto-backed rewards programs, DeFi yield farming services, and more to their customers.

Having experienced significant growth since launch, Zero Hash needed to update the look and feel of its brand. The goal was a polished, tech-forward aesthetic that could match the fintech’s competitive advantages while reflecting the fast-evolving nature of emerging crypto markets. Named one of the 250 most promising fintechs of 2022 by CB Insights, Zero Hash wanted a forceful brand identity that would match its strong position in the tech world.


We led exploratory sessions with the Zero Hash team to learn about their needs and objectives as well as the day-to-day inspiration driving the fintech’s growth. Drawing on the themes that emerged from this discovery work, our design team developed identity concepts that would not only align with Zero Hash’s business strategy but also elevate the company’s differentiators through carefully conceived visual elements. Throughout the discovery and creative process, we engaged the Zero Hash team with an agile, problem-solving mindset to match their fast-moving industry and competitive landscape.

The new wordmark dials in on the connections that Zero Hash’s API facilitates between its customers’ platforms and crypto infrastructure through an intriguing visual connection between the R and the O. This unique ligature communicates connectivity and a seamless data flow, underscoring the benefits Zero Hash delivers for customers.

Next, we applied Zero Hash’s brand identity to a reimagined web design that emphasizes simplicity, ease, and user friendliness. The homepage features a dynamic hero section that rotates through key use cases (banking, investments, crypto, payments, and web3), complemented by interface animations demonstrating each. The result speaks to Zero Hash’s flexibility and the diversity of its target customer base. 

The homepage is also highly interactive, with key illustration elements following the user down the page to explore Zero Hash’s unique and seamless integration possibilities.

Supported by a new logo system and striking website design, Zero Hash’s brand has been reinvigorated, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the digital assets space.