Zero-Waste Initiative

And now, a quick check-in on Block Club’s composting and waste reduction goals!

Block Club and our officemates, Loupe, are now several months into composting with the Farmer Pirates compost crew, and everyone has adjusted very nicely to our little nesting doll waste system—one giant compost barrel, one small recycling can, one tiny garbage tin.

Each week, we hand off about two barrels of compostable materials to the Farmer Pirates. Last month, the Farmer Pirates team released an annual composting report: 48 tons of compostable waste diverted from landfills in one year.


48 tons! In terms of carbon dioxide prevention, that equates to taking about 8,286 cars off the road for an entire year.

Congrats, Farmer Pirates!

And some more great news: Since we’ve started composting, our joint office of Block Club and Loupe has managed to cut down waste production from about four to five bags of trash per week to only one bag. Huzzah!

More to come, soon.