37 Questions with Julia Bozer

Originally published in September 2021

Senior copywriter Julia Bozer is no stranger to novel challenges and embracing the unknown. Having spent years traveling the world, conducting field research for her art degree (and taking eclectic local jobs along the way), she’s now primed to redirect her curiosity and sense of adventure to telling stories for Block Club clients. In this installment of 37 Questions, a humble nod to Vogue’s 73, Julia fills us in on her sources of inspiration, how she takes her whiskey, and the happenstance of working as a horse breeder, along with 34 other topics.

  1. How do you start your day?

    I enjoy a calm cup of coffee while reading up on the morning news. Just kidding—I have kids.

  2. What’s the best place you’ve ever traveled to?

    The Aeolian Islands

  3. Where do you want to travel next?

    Kenya and Tanzania

  4. If you could relive one day over again, what day would you choose?

    I guess my wedding day? All my favorite people were there.

  5. What’s something you learned recently?

    Today I learned the phrase is getting one’s “just deserts.” I always thought it was “just desserts” and couldn’t understand why it was a bad thing.

  6. What’s the best thing you heard someone say today?

    “On Wednesdays, I like to buckle up and go someplace new.”

  7. What did you do before you joined Block Club?

    I curated cultural programs for a children’s museum.

  8. What’s the most unusual job you’ve ever had?

    Breeding and training endangered ponies for a therapeutic riding center on a Greek island

  9. How did you get that gig?

    They actually confused me with another girl who had a lot of experience with horses (I had none), but once I arrived they were stuck with me. I loved it. I learned on the job and ended up staying much longer than planned.

  10. What are you proud of?

    I just finished my PhD in art history.

  11. Who’s your favorite living artist?

    I’m not really into art.

  12. Lol, fair. What drew you to your field of study then?

    Haha, fine! (I was just avoiding the question 🙃). I’m interested in how artists and artworks reflect the social issues and events of their time. I like learning about different places and eras through the visual clues they leave behind.

  13. Name a topic you could give a decent presentation on with no notice or preparation.

    Nineteenth- and twentieth-century traveler-artist traditions in the Americas… but would anyone want to hear it?

  14. What are you looking forward to?

    Traveling again

  15. How do you want to be remembered?

    As a caring mom and friend who never lost her sense of adventure

  16. How do you define adventure?

    Staying open to spontaneity, leaving room to improvise, and not being scared to be lost or wrong

  17. How would you spend the perfect day off?

    I’d head to the airport and take the first flight out and the last flight back.

  18. What do you want for yourself in the next five years?

    I really want to learn carpentry and to be handier.

  19. What do you want for others?

    Everyone should experience the joyful release of private-room karaoke.

  20. What’s your go-to karaoke song?

    At the beginning of the night, “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac or “What’s Up?” by 4 Non Blondes. Toward the end of the night, I might go for “Eye of the Tiger” or some Queen.

  21. What’s a cause that’s close to your heart?

    Immigrant and refugee rights

  22. Do you have a guilty pleasure?

    Boxing movies, split infinitives, and mint chocolate ice cream straight from the carton

  23. What keeps you busy outside of work?

    Finding new local places to visit

  24. What’s your latest (or greatest) find?

    Bennett Beach. I grew up in Buffalo but had no idea it existed until last summer. Keep it a secret, please!

  25. When are you happiest?

    By the sea

  26. When are you out of sorts?

    Flying actually makes me pretty anxious.

  27. Do you have a favorite podcast?

    I really liked Mystery Show with Starlee Kine, but it ended after one season. Now, maybe a certain true crime series I’ll never admit to.

  28. How do you rev up?

    I keep a playlist of high-energy songs on hand. My partner likes to blast the “star theme” from Super Mario Bros. whenever I’m running late…which is often.

  29. How do you wind down?

    Good books, bad movies, strong whiskey

  30. Neat, with water, or on the rocks?

    Scotch style, with a splash of water

  31. What’s the best book you’ve read lately?

    I re-read Los detectives salvajes by Roberto Bolaño. Always a favorite.

  32. What’s your favorite thing to cook?

    Farfalle with my uncle Phil’s creamy sausage tomato sauce

  33. You’re throwing your dream dinner party. Where are you, who are you with, and what are you serving?

    On a breezy outdoor patio with my extended family, no bees, and any meal I did not make myself

  34. What makes you nervous?

    Public speaking—or speaking of any kind

  35. What puts you at ease?

    A soft blanket, anything cozy

  36. What makes you laugh?

    I love a well-crafted, witty pun, but I have a pretty childish sense of humor—I’ll laugh at any toilet joke, dirty limerick, or slapstick routine.

  37. What inspires you?

    Writers who say the most in the fewest possible words—like Nabokov, “(picnic, lightning)”

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