37 Questions with Molly Christman

Originally published in January 2020

Senior brand manager Molly Christman always pushes herself out of her comfort zone, whether she’s concepting ideas for clients, advocating for causes she holds dear, or rediscovering everything Buffalo has to offer after years away. In this installment of 37 Questions, a humble nod to Vogue’s 73, Molly talks about work, life, and her favorite marketing campaign involving a Brooklyn-based mini pig (among other topics).

  1. What is your role at Block Club?

    Brand manager

  2. What does that entail?

    My main responsibility is to help make sure projects are moving forward. I also do a lot of content work, which can include photoshoot planning, managing a client’s online community, and assembling content calendars.

  3. What’s on your to-do list today?

    Routing print ad creative to a vendor, putting together a shot list, posting and boosting a social media post on Block Club’s accounts, an in-person client meeting, and much more!

  4. What do you like about your job?

    I enjoy the variety—no two days are ever alike.

  5. Where did you work before?

    I worked on the digital team at a communications agency in Manhattan. My focus was in social media management and influencer marketing.

  6. Did you ever work with any famous influencers?

    A few… 😉 But my favorite campaign involved securing “celebrity” pets (including a Brooklyn-based mini pig) to promote a line of pet products for a client.

  7. What did you study in school?

    I went to Buffalo State for my B.S. in history and political science. After a year off and a lot of reflection, I moved on to grad school at St. John’s University and earned my M.S. in international communication.

  8. What did you do during your year off?

    I worked in catering, volunteered at the International Institute of Buffalo, and did a lot of reading.

  9. What did you learn?

    Not to compare my path to anyone else’s

  10. What keeps you busy outside of work?

    Testing out or making up new recipes, camping with my friends, helping my boyfriend John produce music, and rediscovering Buffalo after being away for four years

  11. What has surprised you about Buffalo since you moved back?

    Everyone is genuinely excited about change, and it’s really contagious.

  12. What are some of your favorite Buffalo “finds”?

    Some of these are not “new” for most Buffalonians, but I love Keepsake Consignment for vintage shopping, BreadHive for rosemary salt bagels, and Power Yoga Buffalo for hot vinyasa. Most of my weekends include all three.

  13. What does your morning look like? Do you have a routine?

    There are two constants: making coffee and attempting to brush the snarls out of my hair.

  14. What are you passionate about?

    Continuing to learn new things

  15. How do you stay organized?

    Lots of lists!

  16. What are your plans for the weekend?

    A friend’s birthday outing, a spin class with my sister, and organizing the under portion of the boathouse I live in before more snow starts to stick.

  17. What is one thing you’ve learned about life recently?

    It keeps on moving (though that might be more of an “accepted about” than a “learned about” kind of thing).

  18. What are you looking forward to?

    Short term: A FaceTime date with my best friend who lives in NYC
    Long term: I booked a trip to attend my eleventh music festival this summer.

  19. Which festival?


  20. What brand do you love?

    Outdoor Voices. I’ve always loved their message, plus they support important causes. (I recently purchased a Giving Tuesday shirt from them, and 100% of profits were donated to the ACLU.)

  21. Do you have a favorite podcast, book, or TV series?

    I can’t get enough of the Netflix series Explained. It’s educational yet easily digested—perfect for weeknight viewing.

  22. What’s a cause that’s close to your heart?

    Refugee rights

  23. What is your worst habit?

    Overthinking everything

  24. What is your best habit?

    Overthinking everything

  25. Do you have any vices?

    Chicken tikka masala

  26. Are there any words that you live by (or try to)?

    EGBOK (Everything’s gonna be okay.)

  27. Have you lived anywhere else?

    New York City, in various apartments and boroughs

  28. What’s the best place you’ve ever traveled?

    In 2016, I went to India for a graduate symposium in Mapusa, Goa.

  29. What’s your best travel advice?

    International data plan = access to Google Maps = (hopefully) never getting lost

  30. What does it take to be a brand manager?

    You have to be organized and able to quickly switch hats.

  31. What’s your favorite feature of the Block Club office?

    All of the plants

  32. What’s your favorite sound?

    Early morning loon calls on Fourth Lake in the Adirondacks

  33. Who do you admire?

    My sister Emily and my cousin Cassandra

  34. What is admirable about them?

    They’re constantly trying to get outside of their comfort zones. They’re the type of people everyone should have in their lives.

  35. What are you proud of?

    Moving to a new city on my own and not settling for what was easy at the time

  36. Where do you find inspiration?

    I find inspiration everywhere. You just have to be willing to accept it and run with it.

  37. When are you happiest?

    When I’m laughing with the people I love

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