A Whole New Take on Superior

We are excited to share the first in a series of identities we designed for Aleron, formerly Superior Group, and the group of workforce and business solutions companies under Aleron’s umbrella.  The top-to-bottom rebrand provides a unique identity for all of the companies’ core offerings, capturing Aleron’s collective spirit of growth and innovation in service.

The name, which was the first step of our work with the client, is a play on the word “aileron,” which is the adjustable hinge along the edge of an airplane wing that controls lateral balance. The final, simplified derivative—Aleron—embodies their commitment to providing strong, reliable support for its customers, with the agility and flexibility to meet challenges and changes in the industry.

We brought this concept into the visual identity work, creating a memorable identity that leads with a unique “A” brandmark. The “A” nods to the functionality of the aileron, showing adaption and forward motion. Paired with approachable lettering, the complete lockup exemplifies Aleron’s unique blend of strength, partnership and commitment to evolution.

Stay tuned for more work from the Aleron rebrand.

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