Argyle: Partnership & Pardot

Content Production & Strategic Leadership for Fintech Inbound Marketing

Argyle is a newly founded fintech company on a mission to democratize employment data by putting ownership back in the hands of workers. In the process, they’re helping innovative companies gain real-time, frictionless access to the comprehensive consumer employment data they need to make faster, smarter, and more strategic lending and credit decisions—all with workers’ informed consent.

With a referral from Plaid, Argyle engaged Block Club in late 2020 to develop a robust library of digital thought leadership and sales enablement content for multiple audiences: Argyle’s target customers, potential recruits, and the media.

Light bulb moments feel awesome when you get them, but they don’t happen often enough. Bringing on Block Club to be an extension of our marketing and communications function at Argyle has been transformative, not just because they have increased the velocity of light bulb moments, but because they work with clarity in a communications strategy that is super well thought out and regularly developed with us.”

–Shmulik Fishman, Founder & CEO, Argyle

To match Argyle’s ambitious growth plans, we rapidly paced the content project to ensure Argyle had the high-quality content tools they needed to begin sharing their story and achieve their marketing and sales objectives.

Block Club kicked off the project with critical team discovery and alignment sessions to understand and document the unique goals of Argyle’s CEO, COO, head of marketing, and sales team, ensuring the project plan could be structured to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Next, Argyle and Block Club collaborated to establish Argyle’s brand positioning, archetype, personality, and voice. We then mapped out target audiences and buyer personas, articulating each group’s unique needs and pain points around employment data.

From there, our teams worked together to produce a strategic list of content subjects tailored to fit Argyle’s unique target audiences, the company’s marketing and sales needs, and the buyer’s journey of Argyle’s leads, including:

  • Awareness stage thought leadership content that educates leads on the larger ecosystem in which Argyle exists and positions the brand as trustworthy.
  • Sales-focused consideration stage content explaining how and why Argyle products work and portraying Argyle as a standout amid the competition.
  • Decision-making stage content designed to facilitate deal-closings, including a library of case studies demonstrating to leads exactly how Argyle can help them succeed in overcoming role- and industry-specific challenges.

Soon after beginning content production, Argyle was ready to launch a full-fledged automated inbound marketing campaign designed to capture and nurture new leads by sharing the right content with the right lead at the right time. By automating lead nurturing through the decision-making stage of the buyer’s journey, an inbound marketing serves warm leads to the sales team, allowing them to focus their efforts on closing brand-educated, sales-approved leads rather than manually nurturing colder leads.

With their sales team already embedded in Salesforce, the proprietary Salesforce marketing platform, Pardot, was Argyle’s best-fit solution for marketing automation. Block Club was engaged to spearhead the overall campaign strategy, content production needs, and digital ad execution.

Whether it’s long-term strategy or an urgent request, I know I can count on Block Club to deliver quality content and to be there as a trusted partner. They are always there to pick up the phone in the evening when I need them and stretch to adapt to our changing needs. They are a true extension of our marketing team, with a deep understanding of our product and market. I love it when a piece of content comes back to me, and I don’t have to make any changes or edits—they nail it.”

–Eva Sasson, Head of Marketing, Argyle

Collaborating with Argyle’s marketing, sales, and development teams, Block Club kicked off the Pardot initiative in early 2021. Our efforts have included:

  • Inbound strategy development and execution
  • Automated nurturing email workflow development
  • Ongoing thought leadership and sales enablement content strategy and execution
  • Digital ad strategy, execution, and reporting

Upon completion of this project, Argyle will have an automated marketing system to capture and nurture new leads in service of the company’s internal sales goals, with a smooth hand-off of warm leads to the sales team for closing. What’s more, with their new “closed-loop” marketing platform, Argyle will be able to attribute all closed deals to the specific digital marketing ads and content that successfully captured and nurtured each lead, enabling increasingly data-driven ad investments and content development choices in the future.

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