Branding a Bright Light on Buffalo’s East Side

An unassuming cluster of long-abandoned industrial properties that sit along Buffalo’s beltline railroad have become the epicenter of lots of excitement in recent years. Many passionate and powerful stakeholders from all across the City of Buffalo and New York State have come together with the shared purpose of transforming this derelict site and its surrounding neighborhood into a thriving epicenter for business and manufacturing on Buffalo’s East Side. This massive and exciting undertaking, buoyed by a multi-million dollar grant from Governor Cuomo, is being overseen by the Buffalo Urban Development Corporation who have had a hand in many of the most successful and exciting redevelopment projects in the city’s recent history (Riverbend, Genesee Gateway).

After much exploration and careful consideration, we arrived at a dynamic identity system comprised of several related marks orbiting around a central design. The geometric line work in the identity is inspired by architectural steel-frame construction, symbolic of the building blocks of a larger structure. It is comprised of many individual pieces coming together to produce one unified ascending form, representative of this neighborhood’s many stakeholders coalescing for this game-changing development.

As the work of revitalizing this site to its rich potential is currently underway, there will be more exciting news to share as the project progresses. Meanwhile, we are excited to watch this identity to take root in step with its new home, the Northland Beltline.

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