Colorways: Pretty in Pink

Last month our Colorways post was inspired by the rainy days of April. This month we’re definitely craving the colorful days of May. From the dusty to the punchy, we’re blushing over our favorite Pantone shades of pink.

Pantone 169 C has that in-between tone. Not quite fully pink and not outright orange. It reminds me of the colors I see out my bedroom window when the sun is coming up.” – Tim, designer

“Dusty pink (7415) has long been a favorite color of mine, is now part of Block Club’s brand color palette, and we’re also using this in our wedding stationery. I’ve loved this color ever since Acne Studios started using it in their branding years ago; since then, a ton of other brands have followed suit in varying shades of dusty pinks and peaches, so much so that Pantone included a similar pink—Rose Quartz—in their 2016 colors of the year.” – Brandon, creative director

Pantone 1895 U is the color of my favorite raspberry sorbet. Also: RIP Prince’s beret.” – Ben, content strategist

“I love the peach/coral cross of Pantone 932 C. I’ve never been a huge fan of pinks, but this warm shade gets me super excited for summer color palettes.” – Margaret, brand strategist

“Great minds think alike. Just like Margaret, I pick Pantone 932 U for pies with ripe peaches and drinks on warm, sandy beaches.” – Julie, designer

“I love Honeysuckle (Pantone 18-2120 TCX)! I have a box of Pantone thank-you notes that I use from time to time and I’ve been saving the Honeysuckle card for a special occasion. It finally made its way out last week. You know who you are.” – Dave, director of business development

“I’m not sure if I’d use it in a large amount, but Pantone 9324 U reminds me of the color of the peonies that used to grow at my grandma’s house. They were always sprinkled throughout her house in vases and jars, so whenever I see that color it reminds me of her.” – Pat, brand manager

“Something about Pantone 502 U’s cool gray tones mixed with pink and purple are very intriguing, almost mysterious; it’s definitely neutral but calls to mind the mauve and purple gradients you see when cutting into a shallot, one of nature’s most subtly beautiful things.” – Ryan, designer

“Pantone Red 0331 U for me! This color reminds me of the days where Big League Chew and Bubble Tape were all the rage.” – Steve, brand manager

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