When brand confusion calls for a strategy overhaul.

In 2016, Aleron wasn’t Aleron; it was Superior Group—a family-owned umbrella company of three affiliated organizations with unique but related professional service offerings: Superior Talent Resources, Superior Workforce Solutions, and Superior IT Innovations. At the time, the 60-year-old company was facing a serious case of brand confusion. Because of the naming convention it had adopted decades before, many prospective clients and partners could not delineate differences among the sub-brands it had accumulated, or they conflated Superior Group with Superior Talent Resources to the exclusion of the other affiliates. When that confusion began resulting in lost business opportunities, Superior Group hired Block Club to create a new brand hierarchy for its entire portfolio of companies. After a deep dive into the competitive landscape and immersing itself in Superior Group’s operations, culture, and long-term vision, we developed several brand hierarchy systems, allowing us to weigh the pros and cons of each as they related to Superior Group’s unique circumstances. In the end, we recommended replacing its branded house approach with a clean, cohesive family of brands under one umbrella, with each brand possessing a distinct-but-familied name, brand story, value proposition, and set of attributes. That recommendation led to the portfolio’s top-to-bottom rebranding—work Block Club also performed. In effect, Superior Group became Aleron, Superior Talent Resources became Acara Solutions, Superior Workforce Solutions became Broadleaf Results, and Superior IT Innovations became Lume Strategies. With its new, distinctive identity, Aleron is positioned for its next stage of growth.